Electric actuators

Electric actuators

Parkem electric actuators stand for maximum versatility and offer customized solutions for every application. By continuously expanding and extending our electric actuator portfolio, we present a comprehensive selection of different makes and technologies:

  • Electric actuators with ball screw from 0.1 to 114 kN
  • Electric actuators with planetary roller screw from 5 to 350 kN (especially suitable for harsh applications)
  • Electric actuators with planetary roller screw and directly integrated servo motor/drive up to 100 kN


Enormous energy-saving potential, clean and leak-free operation
Eletric actuators or electric lifting cylinders are electric motor-driven adjustment units that are a modern alternative to pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders. The advantages are obvious. In addition to greater flexibility and shorter cycle times, stable dynamics and precise positioning are guaranteed. Another major advantage of electromechanics is the quiet, clean and therefore leakage-free operation. In contrast to hydraulics, this future-oriented technology is very energy-efficient and also requires little maintenance, which drastically reduces operating costs. With a compact and robust design that integrates the most important elements, flexible and customer-oriented integration into existing operating processes can be guaranteed.