Unimotion MCE/MSCE

Mini electric cylinder

Unimotion MCE/MSCE

The MCE and MSCE mini linear actuators impress with their compact dimensions and low costs.

Both models are equipped with a precise ball screw drive. Combined with the integrated anti-rotation lock, the MCE and MSCE achieve high speed, acceleration and repeat accuracy.

  • Compact dimensions and low costs
  • MCE as a classic mini electric actuator with push rod
  • MSCE as a mini linear actuator with table section and linear guide
  • 3 sizes each 25, 32 and 45 mm with max. forces of 170, 375 and 695 N
  • Prepared for servo motor as specified or with attached stepper motor (in line, parallel)
  • MCE and MSCE can be easily combined to form a multi-axis system
  • T-slots on the underside of the aluminum cylindrical profile for fastening
  • Lateral grooves for clamping pieces and magnetic field sensors
  • Piston rod end with external or internal thread, extended piston rod (MCE)
  • Large selection of mounting accessories
  • MCE and MSCE can be combined to form multi-axis systems
  • MCE available with optional GUC guide unit for higher radial forces and torsional moments
  • Each MCE/MSCE is optimally pre-lubricated and ready for maintenance-free operation
  • Everything from a single source: design + calculation, gearbox, motor and drive, commissioning
Elektrozylinder Unimotion MCE und MSCE