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Guaranteed sustainability: The technology transition away from hydraulic & pneumatic to efficient electromechanic solutions!

Electrical alternative
Electromechanics is the best alternative to hydraulics & pneumatics! Electric automation solutions stand for high sustainability and are becoming increasingly important. Their high energy efficiency and clean, leak-free operation are fact-based advantages compared to hydraulic and pneumatic solutions. 

Solution oriented
You can expect tailor-made drive solutions from us. In addition to quality, technical progress is our most important companion. We work in a solution-oriented manner, think in a networked and sometimes unconventional way. Our aim is to analyze requirements professionally and deliver economically, ecologically and technically convincing results.

go green
To improve competitiveness in times of rising energy costs, energy efficiency is an important key to success. Efficient electric automation solutions make a decisive contribution to reducing energy consumption in production and achieving sustainability targets. There are many reasons for switching technology from hydraulic and pneumatic to electromechanical systems.

Flexible, modular, energy-saving and surprisingly affordable: press solutions from Parkem! Expensive servopresses are often used, although many functions, evaluation and visualization options are not even used.

Electric actuators
Every application has its own specialty. The same applies to Parkem electric actuators. 25 years of experience and hundreds of projects make us real electric actuator professionals. Because not all electric actuators are the same. Every new application we have implemented has taken us further. This has enabled us to carefully expand and develop our portfolio of different electric actuator brands so that the right electric actuator can be integrated for every application. 

Consistent from the programmed controller to the safe servo and direct drive: complete in hardware, software and service, safe in application and intelligent in function. With Parkem drive technology, motion & control applications can be solved economically, intelligently and future-proof.