Integrated servomotor


As the successor to the GSM/GSX, the GTX is the most compact electric actuator available on the market. This makes it perfect for replacing hydraulic cylinders, especially when space is at a premium. Thanks to the integrated servomotor on the screw, the entire length of the motor is saved. How is this possible? The inverted roller screw is also the carrier of the motor magnets and thus the rotor. The encoder system (resolver, encoder in various versions) can be configured for different drive manufacturers. The connectors are also adapted to the original cables of the drive manufacturers.

  • New series: GTX60 (60mm), GTX80 (80mm) and GTX100 (100mm)
  • Existing series: GSX50 (140mm) and GSX60 (180mm)
  • Robust inverted planetary roller screw with long service life
  • Integrated servo motor: The most compact electric actuator on the market
  • 5 sizes with maximum feed forces from 0.6 to 102 kN
  • Robust and durable planetary roller screw with inverted design
  • Motor is integrated on the screw without dead stroke - for shortest overall length
  • Integrated feedback fits plug&play to any servo drive
  • Force measurement and control with force sensor
  • Everything from a single source: design+calculation and drive for GTX/GSM/GSX, commissioning


  • Holding brake
  • IP66S versions
  • Force measurement sensor
  • Resolver, incremental encoder or absolute encoder (Hiperface, DSL, EnDAT)
  • Connector pinout and phase angle of the encoder can be selected according to the drive manufacturer's specifications
  • Various mounting types such as front flange, side threads, trunnions, etc.
  • Piston rod in various materials and with various threads
  • Complete drive package with servodrive
GTX Series Actuators
Exlar electric actuator in a packaging line